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If Money Was No Object…

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Hey, financially responsible readers. The Powerball lottery jackpot is $430 $510 million this week. Did you get a ticket yet? I used to pick up a Powerball ticket whenever the jackpot is huge, but I haven’t purchased one since they doubled the price to $2 five years ago. If the jackpot reaches a billion dollars, maybe […] Read More

About the author: Joe left his engineering career behind to become a stay at home dad/blogger at 38. Read how and why he did it on the About Page .

Should You Invest or Pay Off Debt?

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One of the great things about being a blogger is that I learn something new almost every day. I was doing some research for this post and found that the U.S. total household debt just reached a new peak in the first quarter of 2017. We collectively owe $12.73 trillion and that amount just surpassed […] Read More

How Much Does the Tooth Fairy Pay Today?

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Check out RB40Jr’s shark teeth! Wow, that’s pretty gnarly. I thought the baby tooth is supposed to come out first before the permanent tooth shows up. His baby teeth in front are wiggling and we hope they fall out in a few days. Luckily, we had a dentist appointment scheduled and she assured us that […] Read More

How We’re Generating Passive Income in 2017

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Late last year, I received a few requests to update our passive income more frequently. So here it is – a new monthly series to keep track of our passive income. Actually, this will be very helpful for me as well. Previously, I reviewed our passive income once a year and it was too much […] Read More

What Are Your Favorite Fallback Meals?

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Cooking at home is one of the best frugal moves anyone can make. It’s more affordable AND much healthier than eating out. A nice dinner out for our family of 4 usually costs about the same as a week of groceries. (My mom is staying with us until November.) We get much better value out […] Read More

July 2017 Goals and Financial Update

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Whew, what a busy month July was. We went to visit Mrs. RB40’s family in California, went hiking in a lava tube at Mt. St. Helen, and generally enjoyed the summer. I love summer in the Pacific Northwest. The weather is hot, but it is still much better than many other parts of the US. […] Read More

2017 Midyear Investment Rebalancing

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2017 is half over. How have your investments done so far? The stock market performed splendidly over the last 6 months and made everyone a genius investor. Our investment increased 16% in value! That’s an over $200,000 increase in just 6 months, which is more than I ever made as an engineer, that’s insane. The […] Read More

Calling In Sick

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Hey Everyone, I’m calling in sick today… This is ridiculous, how did I catch a cold in the middle of summer? We just got back from visiting Mrs. RB40’s family in the Southern California desert. I felt fine for a couple of days, but started to have a scratchy throat and stuffy nose. At first, […] Read More